Repairs of gears, shafts and sleeves

We carry out all services related to the repair of drive shafts – shortening, lengthening, straightening, reworking shafts to be dismountable etc. We repair drive shafts of all types. Comprehensive regeneration covers all types of damage to drive shafts.

The propulsion shaft regeneration service we offer consists primarily in its reconstruction and approximation of its construction to the ideal state. By the way, we realize the majority of drivers that this part of the propulsion system, unfortunately, is often damaged or completely corrupted, because it is most often affected by abrasion or other defects during each drive. Everything is obviously the result of their considerable wear and tear, so we advise our clients to conduct technical inspections more often. According to generally accepted recommendations, cars or other types of vehicles or machines should be serviced every few thousand kilometers, which allows to prevent some of the widening of specific damages and to eliminate potential failures in advance. It is also very important to properly balance the shaft and its exact lubrication, thanks to which you can additionally extend its service life.
Thanks to the work of our professionals, extensive knowledge of mechanics and with the help of specialist equipment, customers receive a much better functioning drive shaft whose construction has been strengthened and protected against subsequent abrasions and mechanical injuries.

We regenerate drive shafts to:

– passenger cars,
– trucks,
– delivery vans,
– off-road vehicles,
– buses,
– rail vehicles,
– agricultural machinery,
– metallurgical equipment
– mining equipment,
– dump truck,
– industry,
– exhaust compressors,
– tanks,
– excavators,
– chargers,
– regeneration of the steering column rods,
– WOM / PTO articulated-telescopic shaft.

We use the best quality spare parts:
– Tirsan Kardan,
– Dana Spicer,
– INA, Driveshaft Parts,
– Matsuba Japan,
– Klein,
– FLT Kraśnik,
– IFA Kardan,
– SKF.

We have technologies that guarantee the highest standard of shaft shafts repair. We balance the shafts on a modern balancer from the global manufacturer Cimat.