Among the many services provided as part of the CNC machining offered by our company, there is also a professional regeneration of many metal components. They are, among others, gears. These are very important parts that often have a huge impact on the smooth operation of individual machines.

Often, these elements are manufactured specifically for a given device, both in terms of size and materials. That is why in recent times regeneration of this type of parts has become extremely popular, being a fast and very effective method.

In our company, we carry out professional regeneration of gears, which allows us to bring the part to a usable condition, and at the same time to the technical parameters, matched the new elements.

The whole process consists primarily of welding and then removing unnecessary excess material in the form of dirt or corrosion centers. For this purpose, we use modern machines for machining, based on a technologically advanced numerical control system.


– shaped method – at which the outline of the tool has the shape of the gear tooth notch, it is performed by chiselling, milling or grinding. It is mainly used for machining cylindrical gears in unit production and as pre-machining of gears.

– enveloping method – based on the principle of cooperation between two gears (one is a work wheel and the other tool) or a cogwheel with a gear-tool, or a worm with a worm-tool. The outline of the gear tooth is the envelope of successive edges of the blades of the tool. This method is used when machining roller wheels, worm and conical wheels. It can be realized by chiselling, milling, grinding, shaving and lapping.

– copying method – it consists in mapping the outline of the tooth according to the outline of the dome, after which the guides of the tool sleds with planer knives are led. It is mainly used for cone gears with large modules.