We provide professional services in the field of metal CNC machining. We provide the highest quality of products and services provided. We are characterized by precision, high quality machining and short delivery times. We make series and unit production of elements from our own and entrusted materials. Our production department consists of qualified employees and specialists. We accept orders for CNC machining of metals and other materials from customers from all over the country as well as from abroad.
CNC cutting is a modern machining method that is characterized by extreme precision and accuracy.
It is based on the use of computer controlled machines – devices used for
CNC type cuts are numerically controlled. To perform a cut, you must first perform
project, and then only supervise its implementation, because the system works
automatically. CNC machines make precise and repeatable cuts, regardless of the type
material used. The cuts are mainly carried out in metal – most often in carbon steel,
which is very widely used. You can also cut other metals, for example steel
galvanized, stainless, copper, aluminum, brass.
There are three methods of cutting – laser, plasma and water jet, and the choice of method is related
mainly with the type of cut and material that we have at our disposal. A lot depends on the thickness

material. Steel under 2 mm is recommended to cut with a laser, below 3 mm with plasma or laser, below 6 mm
water, plasma or laser, above 30 mm oxygen or water.

– CNC laser cutting – CNC laser is today one of the most common methods in metalworking.
It consists in the thermal division of the material. The cutting takes place through a very large focus
the amount of energy in a small, precisely defined area – a part of the material on which the beam falls
the laser warms up and melts, which allows it to be separated from the rest of the material. CNC laser cutting
guarantees full automation in the process, which will also enable mass production.
In addition, laser cutting reduces material waste and the laser beam does not wear out and does not
changes its dimensions over time.
– plasma cutting CNC – relies on melting and ejecting metal from the cutting gap strongly
concentrated plasma electric arc with high kinetic energy, glowing between
non-clay electrode and cut object. Plasma is created using a cutting torch
plasma. Plasma cutting can be used to cut all conductive materials.
In practice, plasma is cut mainly with black, stainless steel and aluminum. We can cut the beach
sheets, profiles, pipes, or meshes.

– CNC waterjet cutting – waterjet cutting is an innovative technology,
allowing to cut various, very complex shapes, and also gives the possibility of cutting
large elements or several at the same time. It involves cutting materials using a very strong one
jet of water, released under enormous pressure. When soft materials are cut or
thin, only water is used, whereas in the case of harder or thicker water
plastic, it is necessary to use water with an admixture of abrasive. The desired forms are
obtained in the cold cutting process, and the waterjet cutting method ensures high
precision of works.
high cutting precision – with this method you can get very complicated cuts that are impossible to obtain using traditional techniques
smooth and clean cutting surface – after CNC cutting, there is usually no need for additional edge finishing
uniformity of process and elements – means that the elements made look identical
waste minimization – the use of CNC machining allows cutting planning to reduce the amount of waste generated
no changes to the workpiece – depending on the selected CNC cutting method