The use of good quality tools, such as drills, grinders, band saws and sheet metal rollers, guarantees precise execution of the tasks ordered. The execution of these orders is done by qualified employees of our company, thanks to which satisfaction with the services provided is always guaranteed.
We make individual orders according to the customer’s design. We also undertake non-standard orders.
We have many years of experience in doing everything that is related to metal. We implement the orders quickly and professionally, our clients are both private individuals and institutions. The products can be made from closed profiles, flat bars, pipes, square and round bars, and from standard or stainless steel materials indicated by the customer.
We do :

folding – differently bending metals, the process of folding or bending various sheets. It is characterized primarily by the temperature, because in most cases this type of treatment is carried out cold. It is worth realizing that the size in the transversal format is preserved in the whole process.

rolling – a type of metal forming of metal working on rolling mills. Rolling consists in shaping the material between rotating rollers, discs, rollers or planar flat tools. We distinguish three ways to carry out this method: cold rolling, hot rolling, but also simply warming.

cutting sheet metal sheets – we provide services in the field of laser cutting or cutting with a band saw, depending on the material and customer needs. The edges do not require further processing. We provide a comprehensive service in one place and in a short time.
manual threading – the process of forming a thread by manual method consists of a few simple steps. First, a hole is drilled in the material minus the thread pitch, and then it is deepened successively with a pre-tap and a precision tap. For a better effect, we use a basic tap that widens the hole before it is finished. We provide precision external and internal threads tailored to the specifics of each order.

Features that distinguish our company are:

  • high quality of services rendered and parts and components produced confirmed by warranty,
  • modern CNC machine park (Computer Numeric Control),
  • functionality (execution of orders and adjustment of production to individual needs and requirements of the product and the client),
  • many years of experience in the field of mechanical work,
  • punctuality and quick execution of orders,
  • we operate in accordance with European standards EN ISO 9001: 2008.