Preparing structure materials

Preparing steel substrates prior to applying paints and similar products to meet PN+ISO 8501-2:2004 standard. Scope of work according to technical documentation:

  • cleaning (by sandblasting) a steel structure;
  • protecting the surface with a primer;
  • protecting the surface with surface paints.


The preparation of structural products is a very important task. We always work on the basis of a previously prepared project, whose idea and concept we set together with the client earlier to be in line with expectations.
When designing a structure, we proceed in stages:

– we develop design assumptions – specify the material from which the product will be produced, the basic dimensions

– we make a preliminary design of the structure – it contains a detailed technical description of individual parts of the products, the principles of the construction

– we make a technical design of the structure – it is a detailing of the previous stage,

– we build a prototype and its research – its purpose is to check physical production, first laboratory and operational

– we create an executive design of the structure – it results from corrections made after the experience gained while testing the prototype

– we clean (stream, abrasive) the steel structure;

– protect the surface with primers;

– we protect the surface with surface paints.

We personally supervise the entire production process, which ensures the client that the work on the construction site will run smoothly and will be ready on time. We make every effort to ensure satisfaction. We place special emphasis on the safety of our structures. For this purpose, we make accurate calculations and simulations.