Our company also deals in the design, delivery and assembly of structures. We offer execution and assembly of steel structures as well as steel constructions according to individual designs. We are a producer of all kinds of welded steel and metal constructions. We adjust the order to individual customer requirements. We offer efficient assembly of steel structures, and we entrust entrusted work at a rapid pace thanks to the full involvement of employees, the latest software and specialized production equipment. As a result, the construction process is accelerated and the costs are significantly reduced.

Thanks to the cooperation of our project managers and experienced assembly teams, work is always carried out on time. Particular attention is paid to assembly inspection, as a result of which all assembly work is carried out with safety and professionalism. All work is carried out on time, quickly and efficiently, all thanks to careful and thoughtful planning of our employees. We ensure assembly of all steel elements of each project, and the structures installed by us meet all applicable standards.

Examples of objects assembled by our assembly team:

  • All types of fenders,
  • warehouse halls,
  • production halls,
  • other steel halls
  • Other industrial halls,
  • sports facilities,
  • canopies,
  • steel bridge structures,
  • bus shelters,
  • railings
  • staircases,
  • footbridges,
  • cranes
  • cranes,
  • towers,
  • steel masts.